Culver City


A dynamic fusion of creativity, history, and modern urban charm nestled amidst the bustling heart of Los Angeles.


If you're searching for a place that harmoniously blends vintage appeal with contemporary vibrancy, Culver City is undeniably your match. Renowned for its storied past in the golden era of cinema and now celebrated for its innovation in arts and tech, Culver City seamlessly marries the nostalgia of yesteryears with the excitement of the future.
Strategically located between the Westside and downtown LA, Culver City stands as a beacon of cultural richness. With landmarks like the Culver Studios and Sony Pictures, it's a hub that captures the spirit of classic cinema. The cityscape is adorned with art deco buildings, cutting-edge art galleries, and a growing tech industry, making it an attractive enclave for a diverse community of professionals, creatives, and families.


    • Consistently pleasant weather ideal for year-round outdoor activities
    • Stroll through historic Downtown Culver City with its boutique shops and theaters
    • Proximity to renowned film studios and theaters showcasing classic and contemporary films
    • A bustling arts district, teeming with galleries and artisanal pop-ups
    • Verdant parks, open-air spaces, and scenic bike paths like the Ballona Creek
    • Array of gastropubs, craft beer breweries, and vibrant nightlife




Culver City's urban core radiates energy while retaining a close-knit community feel. Residents appreciate the accessibility to arts, tech, and media sectors. The Culver City Farmers' Market is a cherished spot, with local farmers showcasing a plethora of organic produce, artisanal cheeses, and handcrafted goods. 



Wake up to gourmet coffee at Cognoscenti Coffee. Akasha is a go-to for innovative, organic cuisine, while Lukshon offers tantalizing Southeast Asian dishes. Indulge your sweet tooth at Coolhaus Ice Cream, and don't skip their avant-garde flavors.
The Helms Bakery District is the epicenter of shopping in Culver City, boasting boutique stores, design studios, and unique eateries. For those keen on cinema's golden age, a visit to the Museum of Jurassic Technology offers a deep dive into film history.



Film buffs can revel in the yearly Culver City Film Festival. Art enthusiasts will find solace in the numerous galleries lining Washington Boulevard. The Culver City Park, with its sprawling green fields and panoramic views, is perfect for picnics, workouts, and evening strolls.



Culver City is served by the Culver City Unified School District and is recognized for its outstanding educational institutions:
    • Linwood E. Howe Elementary School
    • Culver City Middle School
    • Culver City High School
    • El Marino Language School
    • Culver Park High School
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