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Discover the charm of Tarzana, a neighborhood that feels like a real-life movie set with its captivating appeal. Originally envisioned as 20 acres for a studio development in 1927, Tarzana has evolved into a modern-day haven within the San Fernando Valley. The foresight of thoughtful planning continues to benefit residents today, fostering a strong sense of community and inclusion amidst walkable streets that welcome both neighbors and pets.


Residents cherish their quality of life, enhanced by numerous parks and expansive green spaces that evoke a suburban ambiance. The convenience of having everything at your fingertips, with daily car use being optional even in a car-dependent city, contributes to the ease of life here. The neighborhood offers a diverse array of boutiques, upscale dining establishments, delis, and shopping centers. Well-maintained homes feature landscaped yards and tree-lined avenues, with the majestic Santa Monica foothills providing a stunning backdrop. Real estate options include a harmonious blend of post-war architecture, modern estates, luxurious condominiums, and refined townhouses.


Attractions in Tarzana to love include:

•Abundant sunshine and mild winters for nearly perfect weather

•Streets lined with trees, ideal for walking, jogging, and biking

•An array of exceptional restaurants, bars, and lounges

•Access to good public transportation and quality schools

•A tranquil and family-friendly environment


Embrace the local lifestyle that exudes a relaxed pace compared to the bustling rhythm of Los Angeles. Shady tree-lined streets, like the iconic "tree tunnel" on Cantura Street, contribute to the area's distinctive character. Shopping locally is a way of life, simplifying errands while also supporting the community. The Tarzana Farmers Market is a highlight, offering fresh produce, artisan bread, and the opportunity to shop for unique crafts from local artists. As a nonprofit farmers' market, proceeds contribute back to the community.


Indulge in the dining, entertainment, and shopping options that Tarzana offers. Enjoy breakfast on the sunny patio of Aroma Coffee & Tea Company, savoring the Chipotle Steak Benedict. SunCafe Organic presents a modern twist on rustic, old-world flavors with its vegan offerings. Delight in an Enchilada Skillet at SunCafe Organic for an explosion of taste. For fans of Armenian cuisine or those looking to explore it, Granville offers a delectable rainbow trout "big plate." Experience a romantic date night at Firefly, complete with a prix-fixe menu featuring dishes like Mary's Chicken Breast and Chocolate Pot de Crème.


The neighborhood boasts a plethora of unique boutiques and shops to explore. Wander along Ventura Boulevard, exploring shops and vibrant eateries, or venture to the charming Tujunga Avenue for an evening of discovery. Pinz Bowling Center offers food, drinks, bowling, and leagues for a memorable night out. Immerse yourself in California history at the Campo de Cahuenga museum, where exhibits, collections, and historical reenactments await.


Tarzana offers an abundance of activities to enjoy. Nearby Universal Studios Hollywood beckons theme park enthusiasts with the magic of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and thrilling rides. The Griffith Observatory invites you to explore the universe with high-powered telescopes, planetarium shows, star parties, and lectures by visiting astronomers. Nature enthusiasts will find solace at Coldwater Canyon Park, which features biking paths, hiking trails, jogging paths, and serene picnic spots.


In Tarzana, a tapestry of beauty, convenience, and community awaits. As you traverse its streets, indulge in its cuisine, and explore its attractions, you'll discover a neighborhood that epitomizes the perfect blend of modern living and cinematic allure.


The Los Angeles Unified School District proudly serves Tarzana, offering a range of notable schools that contribute to the educational excellence of the community. Some of these prominent schools include:


•Wilbur Charter for Enriched Academics

•Tarzana Elementary School

•Nestle Avenue Charter School

•Emelita Academy Charter School

•Gaspar De Portola Middle School

•William Howard Taft Charter High School


These schools provide a foundation of quality education, fostering learning and growth among the students of Tarzana. With a commitment to academic excellence and a supportive environment, these educational institutions play a significant role in shaping the future of the community.

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